We’re passionate about macintosh. And apple in general.

We’ve used everything pretty much for ever.

We look after stuff for the great and the good.

For big companies, small companies, one-man-bands.


We tend to work in the music, publishing and architecture fields – reflecting our backgrounds. Frankly we’d love a new challenge. Actually, we’ve also got photographers, property developers, journalists, anaesthetists, interior designers, antique dealers, events organisers, food stylists, solicitors, film producers, farmers and even a pantomime dame and a submariner as clients, so perhaps we’re not doing so badly...


Call us anytime (if you call us out-of-hours please make sure you’re desperate or wealthy).


We’ll happily natter to you on the phone, or we’ll come out and see you. We’ll travel anywhere there’s a tube station, and plenty of places beyond – New York’s the furthest so far. Or you can come to us, in Dulwich or Wapping.


We’d love to hear from you.