We recommend, supply, commission, install, train... and fix anything apple.


We supply apple hardware from iMacs to AirPods.


We source software and interesting add-ons – bet we can make your life easier. We can overhaul your email systems. We can arrange automatic off-site backup for mission-critical data. We can recover your stuff if your machine dies – at least we can have a damn good go. We can provide loan machines for temps or to cover a repair; we can source and install new hardware same-day if required.


Basically if it’s got a wee apple embossed on it we’d love to help. 


Actually, we’ve got one fellow who lives sleeps and breathes windows. Just a thought. 


We’re also filemaker pro developers, through a sister company, and would be happy to discuss how we could streamline your data handling and information management.


Call us.